Location Hunting I

We’ve recently been searching for a new star system to move our budding mining and manufacturing operation to. The main motivation was to begin moon mining with this new Lifeblood expansion that’s come to Eve. It was also recently announced that, by the mid-February, moon mining would come to high security space, specifically 0.5-security space. Although Asgeir has been a very good system to us, it’s located quite far away from any 0.5 space.

This became one of the central criterions that we would hold our new home system to, along with it being quiet (in terms of high-sec ganking), within 1 jump of an ice system, and has a safe route to major trade hubs. Here are the star systems we found:


  • Sinq Laison
  • 3 citadels
  • 1 jump to 2 ice belts
  • 22 asteroid belts
  • 6 jumps to Dodixie
  • 13 to Hek


  • Black Rise
  • 2 citadels
  • 1 jump to ice
  • 7 asteroid belts
  • many L4 missions
  • 9 jumps to Jita
  • 16 jumps to Amarr


  • Domain
  • 2 citadels
  • 1 jump to ice
  • 9 asteroid belts
  • 9 to Amarr
  • 18 to Jita


  • Kador
  • 2 citadels
  • 1 jump to ice
  • 12 belts
  • 12 jumps to Amarr
  • 19 jumps to Jita

Having few other players owning citadels in the system helps potentially reduce what is known as the System Cost Index. Of course this isn’t completely reflective of what the actual System Cost Index is, since there could be a single Azbel working many research/manufacturing jobs compared to another system with many citadels that are producing nothing. It’s only an estimate and is weighed heavily against how “busy” the system seems.

The next step will be to actually scout out the regions first hand. Wish us luck.